Low Vision Aids

Low Vision Aids

Which magnifier and what power?

Family and friends are often trying to help someone whose sight is failing, their kindness is much appreciated, but buying gadgets from any shop or the internet doesn’t allow you to try them out.

During the assessment I will offer you a variety of aids depending on what visual tasks are most difficult for you. We have a great range of magnifiers and telescopic aids. They are like tools in a toolbox, there are magnifiers for certain jobs and it is unlikely that one item will suit all situations. For example, I would frequently supply a magnifier for reading, which may stand on the page and be quite large, and another pocket size magnifier for taking out shopping.

You tell me what your visual difficulties are and I will endeavour to find the solution. If there is something particular, Knitting/sewing or aircraft modelling ? If you have a hobby or a specific visual task, bring them along to the assessment.

Under the NHS, all hand-held and spectacle mounted low vision aids are supplied to the patient on a permanent loan basis from the hospital. However, specialised lighting and electronic aids may be purchased.


These three magnifiers enlarge printed text, the higher the magnification, the smaller the field of view:





These monoculars are useful when travelling to spot the information at railway stations and airports. Very discreet, small, hand-held devices, and available as 4, 6 or 8 times magnification.


TV Spectacles


We all like to watch our favourite TV programme, this telescopic aid magnifies the TV by approximately 2 times. Wear them just like you would a pair of specs.

Electronic video magnifiers


Technology is everywhere today, and electronics have made low vision aids powerful and portable. The main advantage is that they give high magnification with a comfortable viewing distance.



Just lay the dome on the page, with good light double the size of the text.



This little clip-on magnifier leaves your hands free, write a letter or fix your watch?