Low Vision Assessment

Low Vision Assessment

Any patient who has poor eyesight, due to any ocular disease, can access the low vision clinic. You do not have to be registered as sight impaired in order to access this service.

There are many whose visual ability is too good for registration, but falls short of what is sufficient for their daily life. It is reported that nearly 70% of patients who benefit from low vision aids and attend low vision clinics are NOT eligible for certification as sight impaired.

What is a Low Vision Assessment?

A Low Vision Assessment is completely different from an eye examination you may expect from an optometrist. Visual function is assessed, and enhanced by means of suitable Low Vision aids, such as magnifiers and telescopic aids, so enabling you to achieve visual tasks. Contact may be made with other support services, after our discussions, should you wish.

The first assessment appointment will take approximately 45 minutes. It is essential that you bring your spectacles and any magnifiers you have, even though you feel they are of little use.
You should have had an eye exam at the opticians within the last two years, and please bring a copy of that spectacle prescription to your appointment.

A Low Vision Assessment and provision of appropriate low vision aids can mean the difference between an individual managing their daily life and remaining independent, or not. Confidence and self-esteem are restored, as people remain in their own homes, able to care for themselves and those around them.